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Let your children learn and play in four languages!

IKC MENTECWORLD CO., LTD. International Kids Community

A new type of nursery school, led by MentecWorld Co., Ltd.  has now opened!(Open since April, 2019)

Let's Start Together!


On 8th November(SUN) 10:00 - 11:00 , 15:00 - 16:00
I K C ( International Kids Community )
7093 - 7 Jike-District, Saijyocho, Higashihirosima
( Reservations are required to prevent COVID-19 infection. Please apply by phone. )

CONTACT US ; 082-437-3388 082-437-3388


Our Passion for Nursery Education

We hope to assist mothers in their career pursuits in various fields by providing their children with day care service.

We also hope to provide children with an international environment where they will have opportunities to cultivate global awareness.

With these wishes in mind, MentecWorld Co., Ltd. is committed to starting a new type of nursery school in cooperation with local people.

Our Philosophy

At IKC, your children will receive loving care , meet people and make many new ‘discoveries’, through which we hope they will become receptive, responsive children, sound in both mind and body.

Our Goals

  • Children who are healthy in both mind and body
  • Children who can verbally express their mind
  • Children with global awareness
  • Children with compassion and consideration for others
  • Children who can readily express their gratitude and are open to new experiences

Our Educational Policy

Our Message to Children
We aim to foster children’s ability to enjoy making new discoveries, as well as to promote their mental and physical health.
Our Message to Local Residents
People and nature are our first priority. We hope to nurture children together with the local community.
Our Message to Interested Firms and Companies
We aim to create an ideal learning environment for children by introducing language training in more than four languages, thereby hoping to introduce them to multiculturalism.

A Day at IKC

7:30 School opens.

We check children’s health condition every morning when they arrive. Please feel free to consult with us if you have any cause for concern for your child’s health.

9:00 Morning Greeting

A Cheerful ‘Good Morning’: The day starts by exchanging greetings when all members are present.

11:20 Lunchtime (Meals provided by school)

Everyone will be ready for a good meal after a good play!
‘Yummy’ meals will be prepared by our special cooking team, who are happy to meet various needs of children with allergies. Please feel free to consult us.

12:30 Nap Time

Children will take a good rest and get ready for afternoon activities.

15:00 Refreshment Time

Refreshments, like lunch, will be made by the cooking team on the premises. Children will learn not only proper table manners but also the importance of enjoying meals.

16:30 Farewells and Free Activities

Children will have additional time to play together while waiting for their parents to pick them up.

17:00 Going Home

Parents will be provided with the details of their children’s activities during the day. The staff will be looking forward to seeing them in good spirits the next day!

20:30 Extended day care service (18:30-20:30)

No need to worry, even if parents have to work long hours or are out of town! (As for the extended hours, please refer to our brochure.)

Playing with speaking English, Spanish and Chinese

English : Teacher Doris

Playing and movement of hands with the rhyme, open & shut them with Babies. Fruit game : sing flash cards, Kids touch their favorite fruits.

Spanish : Teacher Ana

Showing flash cards of cat and dog, teacher making sounds of these animals to babies. Children learning about colors and emotions, singing greeting songs : hola

Chinese : Teacher Cho

Teaching about animals using picture book. Learning how to count.


Hayashi rice, Cabbage soup, Banana
SnackFruit jelly

Rice with wheat, Grilled flounder with vegetables, Cabbage with bonito flakes, Miso soup, Apple
SnackOatmeal cookies

Children’s day (May)

Birthdays (June)

Hamburger (America)

Hayash irice (Japan)

Yearly Events

  • Entrance Ceremony/ Party
  • Children’s Day
  • Spring Excursion
Children’s Day
  • Recreational Activities with Parents
  • Star Festival Party
Star Festival
  • Summer Festival
  • Moon Viewing / Respect-for the Aged Day
Moon Viewing
  • School Sports Day
  • Hallowe’en
  • Fall Excursion
  • Christmas Party (Year-End-Party)
  • New Year / Nanakusa (Seven Spring Herbs Day)
  • Setsubun (Bean Throwing ceremony)
  • Girls’ Doll Festival
  • Graduation Day
Girls’ Doll Festival
  • All schedules are subject to change. Details are to be announced later.

Application Information

Monthly Tuition and Fees
Ages Rate
*Tax exemption family and Foster family
40,000 yen/month
*2,900 yen/month
1and 2 -year-olds
*Tax exemption family and Foster family
40,000 yen/month
*3,000 yen/month
three-year-olds 8,400 yen/month
four-year-olds and older 11,900 yen/month
  • A minimum of 16 days of attendance per month is required for those who are registered for our service on a monthly basis.
  • We cannot extend our day care service beyond the opening hours.
  • The monthly fees cover the cost for lunch, refreshments, formula for infants, diapers, leased bedding and a correspondence notebook for parents. (An extra 300 yen will be charged for an evening meal.)
Charge for Extended Day Care Service
Service hours Rate
15 minutes 200 yen
Charge for One-Time Day Care Service
Service Hours Rate (five-year-olds and under)
10-hour-unit 3,250 yen
one-hour-unit 600 yen
  • Extended day care service is only available when there is a vacancy.
Other incidental fees
item rates and prices
a colored cap 800 yen/piece
Evening meals (provided after 18:30 on request) Request must be made by noon the previous day.
  • On top of the above-mentioned, there may occur incidental fees to cover transportation expenses for out-of-school activities, as well as photographs of the children taken at various activities. The exact amount will be quoted each time such an expense occurs.
Things to Bring
  • A towel to wipe mouth
  • Spare clothes (jacket, pants, underwear), bags and pouches
  • Light cotton blanket for afternoon nap
  • Gauze hankerchief (*used for bottle feeding)
  • Spare underpants (*for two-year-olds and over)
  • Further details will be announced in March.

Application to be sent to

International Kids Community

7093-7, Jike, Saijo-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 739-0041

TEL : 082-437-3388TEL : 082-437-3388/FAX : 082-437-5858

An Overview

Address 7093-7, Jike, Saijo-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 739-0041
Nursery School Opening Days Open Monday through Friday
7:30-18:30 (Extended day care service hours)18:30-20:30
  • School will be closed earlier if there is no demand for extended service.
  • Extended day care service is not available on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
  • School will be closed during Golden Week holidays, New Year holidays, as well as year-end.
Capacity Maximum 60 children
School meals are available Cooked on the premises
Medical Service School physician: Komazawa Pediatric Clinic
School dentist: Dental Clinic Hachihonmatsu
Target Age We will accept pre-school children and infants as young as 57 days old and over.

How to Find Us

Access Map